Optical Allusions/Terrazzo-Doge

Terrazzo-Doge (2019) is the second iteration in a series of work on viewing devices by Dr Mirjana Lozanovska, as part of her ongoing artistic research. This was preceded by Terrazzo (2019) and followed by Venetian Blinds (postponed to 2021 due to COVID). The evolution of these works expanded the diversity of engagement and audience, firstly to the architectural professional community beyond the local gallery public, secondly to the Venice Art Biennale as curatorial devices engaging artists, and third as solo exhibition and exchange of the gaze between Venice Architecture Biennale and the Venetian blinds of migrant housing.

In Terrazzo-Doge, six artists deployed new self-foldable toolkit visual devices as a way to ‘see’ Venice, mediated by Melbourne’s ‘Italianate’ migrant houses. Their filmic productions evolves into the next iteration (Venetian Blinds).


Original works. One of six ‘curatorial’ contributions. 11 pieces created by Mirjana Lozanovska; developed as a series of foldable viewing devices

Cameron Bishop and David Cross, Venice Art Biennale, May to Nov 2019, Palazzo Bembo, Venice.

More information: http://publicartcommission.com/project/venetian-blind