Sensory Portals

Funded by Arts & Culture Department of the City of Greater Geelong and Creative Victoria, the Sensory Portals were available for public viewing at Geelong After Dark (May 2019). The exhibition composed new intimate spaces for viewers to experience multi-sensory artistic encounters. The closed interior enhanced active cultural exchange of projection and Geelong After Dark 2019 participants. The same lens of ‘otherness’ brings an artistic practice to industrial vacancy. The Portals were constructed immersive interiors that were digitally produced but corporeally performed by participants.

The portals were constructed with a view to being used by the wider community post Geelong After Dark. For Geelong After Dark 2019, various artists were invited to activate the three portals to create unique and intimate experiences.

The original design of the three Sensory Portals was a collaborative effort by Mirjana Lozanovska, architect Stewart Seaton and Geelong-based sculptor, Don Walters. 

Public Viewing at Geelong After Dark May 2019.
Media and Promotional Material; 15,000 people attended GAD; CoGG $6000.

A photograph of this installation features on correspondence of staff from Arts and Culture CoGG.