The Australian Mosque Today: Architectural Collaboration

This project aims to investigate collaborations between architects and Muslim communities in Australia. The project will analyse ten mosques, from design consultation through to construction, completed since 2000. This focus on the professional design process will provide innovative insights into creative collaboration and cross-cultural engagement. Expected outcomes of this project include a significant, richly nuanced counter-narrative to pervasive, isolationist representations of Australian Muslim communities. The findings will be presented in scholarly publications and a major public exhibition to promote new knowledge about the place of Islam in Australia and to build faith (literally and metaphorically) in multicultural Australia.


Further information:

Project: Special Research Initiatives – Grant ID: SR200200989 (

ARC Special Research Initiatives: Special Research Initiatives | Australian Research Council



(above) Image is a watercolour depiction of the Gungahlin Mosque in ACT, designed by Architect Jalal Anis. This images shared by him, which was used during the consultation phase with the community.


Project details: ARC Special Research Initiative 2020, $280,000

Team: Dr Katharine Bartsch (University of Adelaide), Dr Md Mizanur Rashid (Deakin University), Dr Dijana Alic (UNSW Sydney), and AP Maryam Gusheh (Monash University).