The Iconic Industry Book


The book of the #Vacant Geelong team’s Iconic Industry exhibition has now been published!

Iconic Industry: Exploring the Industrial Built Fabric of Geelong catalogues the exhibition that was recently on show for six weeks at the National Wool Museum in Geelong. Written by Mirjana Lozanovska, David Beynon, Cameron Bishop, Diego Fullaondo and Anne Scott Wilson, the book contains the exhibited work of the artists Bindi Cole Chocka, Sarah Duyshart, Alex Hamilton, Merinda Kelly, Robert Mihajlovski and Amanda Shone as well as Deakin architecture students Chayakan Siamphukdee, Mark McKinlay, Evelyn Ye Jing Pan, Lucas Sanchez Arlt, Bronte French and Daniel Out.

There are also reflective written pieces from architects and art critics: Peter Malatt, Kim Irons, Susan Ballard and Domi Cordoba, as well as images and text that detail the history of the #Vacant Geelong project, including the Open Studio events, the Industry Tracks Geelong After Dark festival presentation and much more.

Hard-bound with full colour photographs, Iconic Industry: Exploring the Industrial Built Fabric of Geelong would be an excellent acquisition or gift for architects, artists, students or anyone interested in the culture and history of Geelong.

To purchase your copy of the #Vacant Geelong Catalogue ($84) visit: